Family Law/Divorce

A lot of couples are faced with the option of divorce or legal separation.  If you are going to file for divorce, you want to make sure you chose the right attorneys; attorneys that will take your case and handle it efficiently, effectively, zealously argue for what you deserve, whether it’s where the law applies to dividing assets, to pay spousal support or not to pay spousal support; whether custody and child support are at issue.

Williams Law Offices has practiced divorce law for over 12 years.  As family law attorneys we protect your house, property rights, custody of your children, and retirement. Our experience in court and divorce mediation on a weekly basis and our knowledge of the law will help you get through this difficult time in your life.  Remember divorce is but a short moment in time in your whole life. As to how long a divorce takes to complete it is usually around three months with no children. There is a six month waiting period with minor children but the court may be inclined to waive it.

Also we are experts at post-judgment modifications for child custody, support, alimony, and parenting time. We will help you determine a co-parenting plan and if fifty-fifty custody or other weekend is best and if modifying your judgment is in your best interest.

Using Williams Law Offices to handle your divorce means you can focus on healing and moving forward.  Let Williams Law Offices take care of the legal end. Please check out Frequently Asked Questions.

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