Adoption Law

There are generally seven types of adoptions: Direct, Agency, Step-parent, Foster Care (State Ward), Relative, Guardianship, and Adult. You may have heard the terms open and closed. Those terms tell how much information is going to be disclosed by the parties; non-identifying and identifying information. For example, a closed adoption generally means that the biological parent(s) identity will not be disclosed to the adoptee unless there is a medical emergency forcing the courts to“open” the adoption.

An “open” adoption typically means the biological parent(s) identity will be known and even perhaps have a relationship with the adoptee. The extent of the non-identifying and identifying information varies from adoption to adoption.

Then the terms international and domestic refer to the place where to adoptee was adopted from.

The costs for a domestic adoption varies significantly depending on the attorney, agency, and the type of adoption. Direct placement adoptions are generally cheaper because the biological mother has already chosen on her own the adoptive parents without an agency.  Then they come to us and we take them step by step through their journey.

Our firm carefully screens our clients needs then decides whether it would be in the client’s best interest to proceed with their particular adoption.

We charge a retainer of $2,000.00 for attorneys’s fees for a Direct Placement Domestic adoption.  Fees for a step-parent, relative adoption, and for an adult adoption vary. The retainer fee we charge for foster care and Guardianship adoption also varies.

There are other fees involved such as court filing fees, home study fees, counseling fees, and medical and living expenses for biological mother depending on your unique situation.  Court filing
fees will typically cost you about $220-$300.  The home study fees vary depending on the agency used.

We also offer a free initial phone consultation.  If you want to come into the office to see us we charge a $100.00 in office fee.  That in office fee will go towards the total cost of the adoption if you should hire our firm.

We want the adoption to be as affordable as possible and help our families pay for it by advising them on the Federal adoption tax credit and the Michigan adoption tax credit which actually reimburses the families for our attorneys’ fees. Most of our families do qualify.  Note. The adoption tax credit does very from year to year so call us in person to find out if you qualify 248 567-9939.

Here is the general direct placement domestic adoption process as an example. Please note this is in no way all inclusive. These steps are just a guideline in the process and may vary in order depending upon the case.

1.         Client Appointment;

2.        Document gathering;

3.        Home Study/Preplacement Assessment;

4.        Hospital Visit;

5.        Temporary Placement of child in the home;

6.        Consent(s)

7.        Petition for Adoption;

8.        Termination of biological parents’ rights, if applicable;

9.        Waiver/Court hearing to finalize adoption; and

10.      Post-adoption wrap-up.

If you hire our firm to handle your adoption you can focus your time on preparing for your new addition– rest knowing our legal team is making the adoption legal and final.

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