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Mother’s Day: Just Mother

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and it is a really big holiday at our house.  My boys always worry about what they are going to get me!

Now that I am “older” and have been doing adoptions for over 10 years I find that saying “you can’t buy the most important things,” to be so true.

I cannot buy those ridiculously funny things they say, or the feeling I get when they hug me, or the smell (if they’ve taken a shower 🙂 ) they have.  I can buy those family nights or the talks around the table when we are eating.  I cannot buy the indescribable love and compassion I feel for them.  I guess it is just what happens when you become a mother.

Here is to ALL MOTHERS; whether we are moms by birth or adoption! A very Happy Mother’s Day!

By Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoption Attorney and Adult Adoptee (248) 567-9939, May 10, 2017.


Biological Mother: Adoption

When you make that decision; the hardest decision of your life, to give your baby to a family for the purposes of adoption.

Every biological mother is different.  Just as every adoptive mother is different.  We handle stresses and worries differently.  We exhibit excitement and happiness differently, but all mothers want the same thing.  That our children be healthy and loved.

So, if you’re reading this and your a biological parent, I dedicate this poem to you:

God bless that mother far away

Whose feeling life to much to bare

Gave up this child one desperate day

For one last hope for love and care

For could that have been an easy task

Oh, how it must have hurt to say,

“Be good my child, don’t be afraid,”

And turn and walk away.

 Now those little arms hug me, those little almond eyes so dear

And oh thank God this child is here

That another mother loved her so

She found the strength to let her go

So may our lives be worth of

That final, total give of love.

By Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoption Attorney and Adult Adoptee (248) 567-9939, 4/19/2017.

Biological Father Part 2

A biological father can sign his rights away to any potential child before the child is even born.

For example, we have a two potential biological fathers in one case.  I sent the one biological father a document that basically states in the matter of unborn child, Jane Doe will be placing the child in the care of the adoptive parents immediately upon birth.  If you want custody of the child you must notify our office.  If you do not want custody, you believe the child to not be yours or you just don’t have anything to do with the child, you can sign this document and you will be done.

By Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoption Attorney and Adult Adoptee (248) 567-9939.


Biological Father

Many biological mothers and adoptive parents ask, “What happens if the biological father is unknown?”

If the biological father cannot be determined after reasonable investigation and a hearing, the court can terminate his rights.  It is best for all the parties involved to try to figure out who the biological father is.  Typically, if it’s a situation where the biological mother doesn’t know for sure, but it might be so and so, the potential biological fathers can receive a notice and waive any and all rights to the child ahead of the adoption.

It is a complicated legal situation so call our offices to speak to me about it.

By Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoption Attorney and Adult Adoptee (248) 567-9939


Birth Certificate

A lot of biological mothers who place their child in a home for adoption purposes often say they don’t know what to do about the birth certificate being blank for the biological father.  Many do not know who the biological father is or there are a few to chose from.  Whatever the circumstance we will take care of it.  Either by getting with the biological father if known or having a hearing to determine who the biological father is; sometimes the biological mother just does not know.

When you adopt a new birth certificate is issued upon completion of the adoption.  Most courts want that application with the Petition for Adoption.

Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoptee and Adoption Attorney (248) 567-9939

Paying for My Adoption

Let’s face it the biggest elephant in the room is how do we pay for this adoption?

It’s important to find an attorney to handle the adoption for you.  You do not just want to give the job to a non-attorney when you are dealing with legal issues such as parental rights and termination.  So you heard or know first hand that attorney are expensive.  We are not all out of the average person’s price range.  You can use our firm to handle your direct placement adoption for example for $3,000-$3,500.  The same if not less than an agency! Also, about the same as having your own biologically child in a hospital.  Having a child no matter how you become a parent is expensive, but 100% worth it!

There is also the Adoption Tax credit which pays up to $13,400.00 in qualified expenses for 2015.  Attorneys’ fees are included in qualified expenses.

There are also scholarships and grants given to adopt.

Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq. Adoptee and Adoption Attorney (248) 567-9939


Guardianship Adoptions

What is a guardianship adoption and how do I go about getting one?  A Guardianship adoption is when there is a child whose parents are not capable of taking care of child any longer. The guardian having had guardianship over the child wants to take that final step of making the child legally part of her family so she adopts the minor child.

In a guardianship adoption, the parent rights of the biological parent(s) have not yet been terminated so that’s one of the first things done; either get the biological parents consent or involuntarily terminate their rights.  That and permission from the probate court to proceed with the adoption.

The Adoption Petition is file along with the appropriate paperwork, homestudy typically by the state conducted, terminating rights, and the finalization of the adoption.

Sidebar: It can take the state a while to schedule the homestudy.  Taking our clients 30-90 days to get a homestudy scheduled.

Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq., Adoption Attorney and Adult Adoptee, (248) 567-9939



National Adoption Month

November every year is National Adoption Month or National Adoption Awareness Month. A month set aside to bring special attention to adoption and the thousands of children available for adoption.

Michigan has a special adoption day.  It is Tuesday, November 22, 2016.  This is a day where judges will finalize adoptions and there will be a lot coverage on the issue.

Many individuals and couples want to adopt a baby; a newborn, but there are individuals and couples who want to adopt an older child and that’s great too.

Julie L. Plath-Williams, Esq., Adoption Attorney and Adult Adoptee.